About Us

You may be wondering who is behind Parenting Social 101?

Well the answer is simple, we’re two Australian mums who were looking for places to go, likeminded people to meet, all whilst juggling the (ever so hectic) life schedule of a child.

With this all being new territory for both of us and having zero idea of the journey ahead, the (seemingly) obvious place to look for answers was Google, which (perhaps not surprisingly) wasn’t the smartest part of our journey. It’s no secret that Google can bring out the worst in parent with the realms of self-diagnosis, Google doctoring and ‘mum-shaming’ and generally thinking our babies had silent reflux 24/7.

It wasn’t long before we realized that the best fountain of knowledge was from other parents! With this light bulb moment, we knew that there was massive potential (and value) in connecting with other parents whilst also determining places to go.

It didn’t take long to realize that our standard stomping grounds turned out not to be so ‘kid friendly’ (finding out the hard way that it’s quite the mission to get the pram up 25 steps to get our hands on that much needed coffee in the morning).

After a bit of brainstorming and a lot of research we came up with Parenting Social 101, a platform that provides parents with the ability to search, filter and find either like-minded parents or kid friendly places to go and catch up, treat yourself or take a day off.

Amber Chapman (Serial Biz Whiz) and Lisa Hollinshead (Social Butterfly) would love to introduce Parenting Social 101 to all those parents out there who ever felt a little lonely, out of their depth or who had no idea where to go.

All feedback is welcome, so as parents if there is anything you would like to see on Parent Social 101, or secret places, venues or experiences you would love to share then drop us an email.

Amber (Serial Biz Whiz) - With an innate passion for connecting people and assisting companies to grow, I’m no newbie when it comes to creating and building businesses that I believe in. It was this that sparked the formation of the perfect union with Social Butterfly.

Headhunted at 23 (seems so long ago now) to set up a graduate recruitment firm here in Australia from my native UK. It was without a doubt an amazing opportunity that enabled me to explore a new country (sorry folks another POM here to stay), and quickly become an advocate of developing talent from grass roots, training and watching the youth of today flourish into the leaders of tomorrow.

I’m fortunate enough to have had some amazing experience along the way, working with brands like Microsoft, Eli Lilly, MSN, Seven, News, Fujitsu, Yellow Pages… Am I boring you yet?

It was this role that ignited the fire in my belly for serial entrepreneurship as I built company after company, with my most recent venture becoming a nationwide enterprise within a year of starting.

I don’t just bring book smarts to this little venture, as hey this is all about connecting real people. Now, a recent mum to my beautiful daughter Aurora, I want to connect parents to prevent us feeling isolated in those first daunting (but oh so rewarding) years.

My mottos in life are:

• "Don't Mardi Gras if you can't rock n roll" - becoming increasingly harder now I’m with child.

• "Procrastination is the thief of time" - so do it now!

• "True friends are like rubies precious and rare. False friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere" - so hold on to the good ones!

Lisa (Social Butterfly) I’m also a recent new mum to my world, my heart & my soul; handsome little Albie. I’m also the founder of the Global Social 101 - a social media platform operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Manchester and London. This stemmed from my personal experience of being in a new country (Yes I’m a POM too) and not knowing where to go, what to do and what was cool. Yes, there were realms of backpacker info around, but not for young professionals that were new to the city that didn’t want to down a bag of goon before drinking teapots at World Bar (however there is always a time and a place).

A glutton for punishment and a drive to put a Ferrari to shame, I’m also a senior public relations director with over 12 years experience. I’ve been so fortunate in my career to work with blue chip brands from across the globe including BBC, BMI Airlines, LG Electronics, 20th Century Fox, Sunsense, P&G, Maybelline NY, Sydney Collective, Hilton and the Marriott Sydney. Believe us folks the lists goes on but I won’t bore you with further details of my PR prowess.

Since becoming a new mum in July 2016, I couldn’t help but noticed a gap in the market for a great resource of information about what to do with a new baby in terms of socialising, meeting like mind parents and entertaining bub here in Sydney.... Enter Parenting Social 101 - a network of content that provides our members with useful information, like-minded mamas and practical parents that want to continue 'adulating' but with bub in tow!

I’m super excited to bring Parenting Social 101 to the fore and to work with our 'undercover mums' and 'dad detectives' to create the number one parenting 'What's On' resource across Australia.

My motto in life:

“Life isn't a dress rehearsal. This is the main event, put on the show of your life and work towards a standing ovation!”

Sit back folks and enjoy our show!