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Baxter Blue - Blue light filtering glasses

Baxter Blue
PO Box 1067
Newport, NSW 2106

Baxter Blue non-prescription eyewear for children (and adults) will protect eyes from the harmful blue violet light as well as alleviating digital eye strain.

Today, kids grow up surrounded by digital devices. And that means they're heavily exposed to screens from a very young age when their eyes are still developing – making them even more at risk for potential long-term damage.

Key features of our glasses:

* Filter out the harmful blue light
* Reduce glare & increase contrast
* Help children sleep better
* Help children concentrate better at school (after a good night’s sleep from wearing Baxter Blue’s)
* Reduce eye fatigue
* Are fashionable


Q - How do the glasses work?
A - Our glasses filter out the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens – this blue light has been proven to damage retinal cells as well as disrupting children’s sleep which can in-turn hinder their learning.

Q - Why are children at more risk than adults?
A - Children don’t have pigment in their eyes (as adults do) to provide some protection, so the blue light can pass straight through & reach the retina and the damage may be cumulative.

Q - Does Blue light disrupt children’s sleep?
A - Teenagers are more likely to be on their computers at night doing homework (as well as on their mobiles) and all that exposure to blue light can lead to sleep deprivation at a critical time in their development. The blue light from their digital screens suppresses the melatonin making it hard for them to get to sleep.

Q - How do your glasses compare to Apple Night Shift?
A - Apple night shift changes the colour temperature of the screen, which can bring comfort to the eyes however it’s not changing the LED lights. Night shift also makes the screen turn orange. Baxter Blue glasses however will filter out this blue light & it won’t change the colour of the screen


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