In 2018 we launch PAR-ENTrepreneurs, a pop-up creche facility that specialises on providing support for co-working spaces and events.
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We've already partnered with Fishburners, SheStarts, Google for Entrepreneurs, Stone and Chalk and IAG. 

Psychologist, Career Coach and Co-Founder

The Parents Village
Kingsford, NSW 2032

9am - 3pm Monday - Friday
As professionals and mothers we know that becoming a parent is about so much more than giving birth and taking care of a newborn. We recognize this is an enormous and ongoing transformation, and understand challenges and isolation associated with raising a child in the absence of a village for support.
That’s where can step in. The Parents Village is a hub for all new parents and parents-to-be. We believe It takes a village to birth and raise parents too!
Through our holistic prenatal and postnatal services we assist new and expecting parents in the following ways:
• PREPARE for and process the multitude of feelings, expectations and transformations that naturally come with this new identity and parenthood journey – personally, professionally, emotionally and physically.
• CONNECT and increase insight and a conscious bond between parents and their baby, their partner, family and friends.
• FACILITATE the identification of key needs and concerns and EMPOWER parents with the skills, strategies and resources to gently navigate through parenthood.
• SUPPORT the growth and development of a strong network of friends, family and likeminded parents to sustain each other through the transition.

We connect, prepare, nurture, and empower new and expecting parents as they transition into and through parenthood by offering the following services:
• Birthing the Parent™ - Holistic pre-natal workshops focusing on parenthood preparation
• Mama Nurture - Facilitated post-natal support groups for new and second time mothers
• Mama Blessingways for expectant mothers and their loved ones
• Birth Story Healing to process unresolved birth trauma
• Career Coaching and resume writing for parents returning to work
• Counselling for individuals and couples

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