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Raise your child's EQ - help your children understand what they're feeling & why they're feeling it

The 5000 Days Project

Weekdays after school. Weekends. School holidays.
"An opportunity to have so much more than a school photo"

- Starting from as young as 6, you can give your child the opportunity to record their responses to a series of developmentally appropriate questions posed via an automated interview on our StoryQ video journaling kiosk (a unit which sits in schools and drop in locations across the country).
- Their answers are then safely uploaded.
- On their 18th Birthday, your child is sent a file containing all of their recordings - a priceless time
capsule of your child’s life.

- Founded in 2001 and running already in 11 other countries, The School of Life Project is a Social
Enterprise founded by Dr Rick Stevenson, an award-winning filmmaker and a Doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University. Following successful evidence-based trials at Geelong Grammar School and The Institute of Positive Education together with a longitudinal study of participating students at Byron Bay Public for over
9 years, The 5000 Days Project is now being rolled out across Australia and New Zealand. Not just available in schools, but also available in drop in locations where you just need to book a time in the week or at the weekend.

- Evidence based approach: our methodology has been developed and constantly refined over the past 17 years by a team of neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers,
including Dr John Medina (author of Brain Rules).

“Even if you can’t save time in a bottle, The 5000 Days Project captured something just as precious: the little girl giggle-stories, the pre-teen insights, and the adolescent angst and thoughtfulness of my (now)
adult daughter. Watching her ups, downs, trials and joys stream together on video still brings tears to my
eyes when I see it. I can only imagine what it will mean to her future children when she chooses to
show them...” Parent.

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