XMAS 101** Top 10 Christmas gifts for the whole family

Kimberley Pickrell

Welcome to the gift list to cover all members of the family this Christmas. From mum and dad, kids and new bubs, or something for the whole family (and friends) to appreciate at once – the team from Parenting Social 101 have found gifts that everyone will love.

VulyPlay | Trampolines and Outdoor Play sets from $649.00

Christmas is just around the corner and the magic summer weather is on the horizon meaning the kids (big and little) are going to need something entertaining outdoors to wear out all of that excess Christmas holiday energy. Enter Vuly Play, one of Australia's largest trampoline and outdoor play companies and their amazing options such as the Ultra Trampoline, The Slam Pro Basketball Hoop or the 360 Pro Swing set for kids and mum and dad to enjoy. If you manage to fit one of these under the tree this Christmas absolutely no one will be disappointed.

Oh So Coco | Coconut Body Products from $5.50

There is a little something for Mama here as Oh So Coco delivers a delicious range of 100% Australian made coconut body products. Naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising, coconut oil and milk can help soothe the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema and treat dry and irritated skin whilst ensuring a delicious scent and pampering experience. If you aren’t sure what to choose, pick up one of The Oh So Coco Mystery Box. It’s packed full of coconutty goodies and include some of Oh So Coco’s best product.

Cutlery Carriage | Environmentally Friendly Cutlery from $19.50

Cutlery Carriage is a purpose-designed, environmentally friendly, recyclable at the end of its life, dishwasher safe and hygienic case for your cutlery with the restaurant-quality, stainless steel fork and spoon included and is made and designed right here in Australia! Comes in 5 great colours to take with you to work, school or uni, camping or even travelling! Cutlery Carriage is the ideal stocking stuffer for everyone in the family – buy one in every colour so that no one gets left out.

Muk Mat | Less mess after outdoor adventures from $39.95

If you like the beach and the outdoors, but hate getting "mess" all through the car, you’ll love the Muk Mat – a portable mat, designed to remove the sand and dirt from your feet before getting back in the car. Made from aesthetically pleasing grass and locally crafted, with sleek binding to suit your style, it not only looks great but it’s durable, rollable and unbeatable for keeping the muk off feet and shoes. Muk Mat is perfect for outside the car boot after the beach; sticking by your tent door when camping; or keeping flat in the back of the car to throw the wet clothes and dirty shoes on. Ps: all AUSSIE made too.

Edenvale| Australia’s Premier Alcohol Removed Wine from $9.50

The silly season is a time filled with celebrations: family lunches, work drinks and dinners with friends. Alcohol is usually abundant on these occasions and sometimes you just need a break.
Edenvale alcohol removed wine is one non-alcoholic wine alternative that helps you enjoy a glass of wine and join in the celebrations this Christmas, without the side effects. These wines have been created through the same process as standard wine before the alcohol is removed, and also contain half the calories! The Edenvale range covers reds, whites and sparkling, giving you an option for any celebration.

A bottle of Edenvale wine is also the perfect gift for your family and friends who may be pregnant, breastfeeding or are choosing not to drink. Spoil everyone this year with a delightful bottle of wine!

The Beer Cartel | Beer Advent Calendar from $119.99

For something a little different, get dad into the Christmas spirit with a Beer advent Calendar from the Beer Cartel. Industry revolutionists, Beer Cartel’s Beer Advent Calendar offers beer lovers the chance to count down the days to Christmas with a different beer each day, from the 1st to the 25th of December.

Since its inception in 2016, Beer Cartel have sold thousands of Beer Advent Calendars, but this year's case has a twist. Beer Cartel has partnered with seven breweries to create flavoursome limited-edition brews that are only available in the Beer Cartel Advent Calendar. In addition, all 25 beers featured in the calendar have been sourced from 100% Australian Independent breweries. Twenty-three different beer styles are included, from perfect pale ales to interesting IPAs and everything in between.

Beer Cartel is Australia’s leading craft beer bottle shop, stocking over 1,000 craft beers from Australia and overseas. Beer Cartel Advent Calendars are available online now at www.beercartel.com.au, or at Beer Cartel’s Sydney store 9/87 Reserve Rd, Artarmon from the start of November.

The World Bicycle Relief | Gift of Giving

Sometimes, the greatest way to celebrate life as a family is to practice the gift of giving. For those looking for something a little different, or something to enjoy with the whole family check out the great work done by those at The World Bicycle Relief.

The World Bicycle Relief is an amazing organisation raising money to provide Buffalo Bikes to those in need in Sub-Saharan Africa. School children who have to walk 16km each way to school, farmers delivering goods, mothers who need to get their children to the doctor, these are the people who are benefiting from World Bicycle Relief's efforts.

Moonlite | A Storybook Projector from $19.99

The perfect gift for the kids (if you’re a fan of bedtime stories it’s a gift for mum and dad too), the Moonlite is the perfect gift this Christmas. Moonlite transforms any mobile phone into a storybook projector, as popular children’s stories are vibrantly projected onto a child’s bedroom ceiling or walls – creating an immersive and engaging reading experience. It combines traditional storytelling with modern technology to create a completely new way of reading with your child before bed.

The Moonlite projector is portable, lightweight and attaches to smart phones, as stories are bought to life through the projector and the phone’s torch. The free downloadable app takes storytelling to the next level, complete with sound effects and read-a-long features which are implemented through the words appearing on the phone. A glowing word signifies sound effects – an element that creates a complete audio-visual experience. While seamless page detection software automatically turns the page on the screen when you turn the reel, allowing parents to be present and enjoy the special nightly experience.

DreamBaby ® | Child Safety from $9.99

For the perfect gifts for parents-to-be, new parents and those with young children, Dreambaby® has the best range of top quality, durable, and cost-effective items to ensure safety, health, and comfort for every young family. Their products are designed not only to make a home safer, but also to make life easier for parents and the family. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, car, or out and about, Dreambaby®’s products can help put your mind at ease with award-winning safety gates, locks, latches and more. The gift of safety, comfort and a child-proof house is something that every parent deserves.

FuelBox | unique and fun Christmas gift for any couples from $79.00

Christmas time is the perfect opportunity for connection and conversation. For those looking for a fun and exciting way to connect as a couple or friendship group and add some spark to your conversations, then FuelBox is for you. Good conversations are vital to all healthy relationships. They nurture relationships and help them grow. But what should we all talk about? FuelBox contains 170 humorous, serious and engaging open questions guaranteed to ignite some great conversations. FuelBox also comes in a Family box and Friends Box which is a huge hit for dinner parties and weekends away.

Trinidad Jewels I Show that special someone you care – From $59.00

Since 2007 Trinidad Jewels incorporates its Colombian roots in its handmade creations. Trinidad Jewels products are influenced by its symbolic and historical cultural richness. The creations in this catalogue are completely handmade with special and/or traditional techniques uniquely designed and crafted.

The main point of difference for the brand is the exclusivity and creative process required for each of the pieces, notably the 24Kt gold-plating, when most competitors have 18kt.

Platypus Australia I UV protection swimwear for kids

Platypus Australia’s Sun Safe Swimwear and Rash Guards and Swim Shirts ensures the wearer maximum sun protection, blocking out at least 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, meeting the strict criteria’s of both the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the British Standard for ultraviolet radiation. Designed to mix-and-match, the UV protective swimwear and Rash Guards are for kids who like to be active, comfortable and stylish and yet, protected from the sun.

Girls UPF50+ Flounce Short $44.95 Boys UPF50+ Swim Short $49.95

Website: www.platypusaustralia.com

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